The Integral I3 approach has been developed over several years and is based on the well-established and used 4-worlds of Trans4M in Geneva for organisational and human development.

I3 Partners Limited is currently led by the founder, Robert Dellner who has deep and comprehensive experience in finance and organisational development. He’s passionate about the future of Impact Investments and the positive applications it can have for our global community and world.

Robert studied Economics and Business Administration in Stockholm and London respectively, Finance and Investments at LBS followed by Clinical Psychology in London and is currently completing a PHD with a forthcoming book entitled Integral Impact Investments which is expected in 2019.

With deep experience and expertise in finance and investments, he has been MD of Structured Products, UBS, Head of Market Sales and Credit Officer, Europe at Citigroup and Head of High Yield Sales & Research, Europe at BNPParibas. Subsequently he was made Global Head of the Client Solutions Group at Fortis Bank (now BNPParibasFortis) and member of the EXCO where he also worked extensively on Organisational culture and its impact on business development. Following this he worked as a Psychotherapist within the NHS and in private practice. He more recently was the Chief Credit Officer for the FinTech firm Assetz Capital and Head of Impact and Strategy at Lintel Capital where he helped to design with the CIO a full spectrum Investment strategy.

Among others, he is a member of the International Bankers Association (wcib), the Society for Organisational Learning (SoL), Institute of Busines Ethics, (ibe), CICM, the BACP and the UKCP.  He is an Ambassador for the Transparency Task Force and an Advodcation Partner with Reporting 3.0. In his leisure time (and when not riding his motorcycle), he’s a family man, an avid reader, gardener, apiculturist, tennis player and practices martial arts at master level.