I³ is based on the Integral 4-worlds approach as developed over decades which in turn is based on millennia of human wisdom about our nature as human beings, our environment, our social understandings and how we can best effect and manifest what we want within the full spectrum of our existence.

I³ also includes the reality that all investments are in effect “Impact” and create activity, change and leaves a footprint in all areas of human and natural life, the question as always, what can you see and want to manage. One important difference and often forgotten aspect in the change dynamic and development in the investments firms themselves which  I³ addresses through the design of its working methods.    

The I³ approach is designed in a simple way to navigate an investor through the dimensions of Impact based on their own specific needs and requirements in combination with their values and beliefs system towards investments. This aspect is specifically important for family offices seeking to build real sustainable Impact capital through legacy and generational purpose. 

Here is a short video explaining  I³: 


What do we offer?

For any firm who is serious and has integrity in their approach towards Impact investments, we provide an individual and developmental path to build a full spectrum approach that suits and works for them.

Any initial and potential work is always discussed and framed through an initial free consultation.

This can then be followed by a fixed cost and time-frame diagnostic assessment of the firms’ background and current Impact approach with potential gap-analysis.

Depending on needs and requirements, a more comprehensive plan may follow.